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New stands and metal detector parts will be available from our website from May 2020!

We are now producing stands and parts for your metal detector and pinpointer, made by us in Regional Victoria. Prices can vary according to size. 

Smaller parts (less than 13cm) are generally $35, medium sized models $45 (less than 20cm), plus postage.

We try not to print brand names on our product where possible. These are not endorsed by the manufacturer. 


garrett AT stand


These are initially for Minelab, Garrett, Bounty Hunter detectors. Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your requirements. 


 minelab equionox stand

Minelab Equinox Arm cuff

 Minelab equinox wall stand

Bounty Hunter Pinpointer clip


Is Gold Prospecting Allowed During The Covid-19 Pandemic in Australia? 

 woman metal detecting shutterstock

No, if you are travelling with a group onto someone else's land or public land, then it is a definite no. The bush cannot be considered to be safe. 

 Yes, if you are home, on your property / land, with people that live in your household.  Don't encourage visitors to come with you (even family living separately). 


Some tips using Golden Tools in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Tools are some of the most vital components of the Animal Crossing series; it is essentially how you get everything done within your town/village. They take a bit of time to unlock and craft but will last for more uses, making them worth the work.

The higher the quality, the less likely they will break and the longer they last.

You must meet a specific requirement first before you can receive the DIY recipe. We discuss what this is below. You also need to find a Gold Nugget, which is also a bit of a chore. You can also sell gold nuggets for 10,000 bells each!



Are you a woman actively involved in this industry? 

We want to promote your Ringer Finder / Metal detecting / Tours & Training / Gold Prospecting business!

Please contact us through Facebook with your business details for the New Directory on www.gold-detectors.com.au

We need to know your business name, location, social media accounts, website (optional) and services. 

If you want to recommend businesses to be listed, then also email me their details.


Detecting harness



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