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Metal detector rental is a fun way to pass time when vacationing.

You can learn a little history about the area, as well as discover some incredible metal detecting finds.

There are many reasons for a metal detector rental, but these are the top 5 reasons we came up with...



Mail Your Gold services in Australia

Have you got a jewellery box full of old unwanted pieces that no longer spark joy? Did you realise you can receive cash by selling these for a gold buyer – and it’s much easier than you thought!

Several companies in Australia offer Gold Buying Services, conducted through the mail.

With Christmas coming up, it’s a perfect time to dust off your old jewellery box and make some extra cash for the holiday season.  You don’t need to be overwhelmed, travelling into the city and making appointments for assessments. There is a convenient way for you to send in your gold, fully insured for assessment and receive a quote via email.


Curious George makes a metal detector

Curious George makes a metal detector

For kids, building your very own metal detector can be both educational and fun and Curious George tells you how! Once you have seen the video you are ready!

Watch this 2 min video and see how it’s done, then follow my steps! https://youtu.be/1bsKIle7LjQ



Buy a signal booster

Lucky Knuckle Booty Booster Enhancer For Metal Detectors is an easy way to enhance your signals.



You can fit these to most detectors and they are available on ebay from Lucky Strike Detecting: 



Why should you upgrade or modify your detector?

When these upgrades are carried out it is like using a newer more modern detector, in just about every case our customers have gone over old ground and pulled out more gold after the upgrades. We have also pulled out more gold from areas that have been detected over by lesser technology.


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