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Reviews about Gold and Relics, Vic

“ Darren is a very genuine and informative guide, and his knowledge was exceptional. The tour was very organised and we would recommend it to anyone who is looking to pursue prospecting as a real hobby. He gave us really solid tips and we had a really decent amount of time trying out the detectors in good areas. Will highly recommend, great value for money!”

Monica from Melbourne, 2017, 5 star review 

 “Did the half day tour on a Saturday with Darren our Tour Guide who was really friendly and helpful. I brought my 9 and 12 year old along who found it fun. Darren showed us around the area and took us to a spot for panning and a spot for using metal detectors. He was really helpful with tips on having success. It was so much fun, I wish we had booked the full day tour, we didn't get enough action. We found specks of gold in the creek with the panning and found a nice little nugget with the metal detector, though there is a knack to all this prospecting, this is why you really need to go on this tour to learn from the experts. We spent about 30 mins panning and 45 mins with gold detector. It’s really not much time at all. Morning tea was provided, kids loved the cakes and coke.”

Reviewed 18 Feb 2017, Lucy G from Melbourne

 “I have been on four-day trips with Darren and not only have I been 100 % successful in my outings, but I was so grateful with the knowledge and advice Darren shared with me. Leanne was accommodating by organising the bookings at such short notice and the lunch they provided was a welcome break. I have seen a lot of the local terrain in the area but feel the highlight will be doing the extensive tour in Western Australia 2017. 
The greatest investment I have made was buying a detector after going on the many tours and trying all the devices Darren had on offer. He then showed me how to use the device correctly for a different environment. I would recommend doing the tour as an opportunity to be out in the bush, in the company of enthusiastic novices, with a certain chance of finding gold under Darren's instruction. Good luck and happy travels.”, 

Reviewed 4 December 2016, 5 stars, Lady Lini from Clunes, Victoria

Reviews about C.G.S Gold Prospecting Tours Western Australia & Victoria

“Went on a tour with Corey this year, what a fantastic experience. I could not ask for a better tour guide. His knowledge and experience is a real benefit to the success of his tours. I highly recommend this tour.”

Josh Goodman, 20 May 2019, 5 stars

“ This is our third year with C.G.S. Prospecting Tours In W.A.. We are very impressed with Corey's skill and knowledge. He is excellent with sharing his expertise on all types of detectors and equipment. Also his ability to put the tour group on the gold, with lots of research and behind the scenes work. Corey's generosity in spending time one on one so if there is gold there Corey will help you to find it.”

Rae MacGowan, 5 stars, 15 May 2019

Review about Golden Triangle Tours in Victoria

 “Thanks Greckie for a really great tour. Your expertise and state of the art equipment was the main reason for this success.  Bob and Dioni did a fantastic job teaching and encouraging us and Mark's food was great. A really nice group of people to associate with made the trip even more enjoyable and finding the gold we did was exciting and a real bonus. “

Neil on the Gold Coast, 5 stars

Review about Gold Prospecting Kalgoorlie, WA

“We had a great day with Dean. We did not find any gold, only beer cap, nail and an old miners cup from the 50s/60s. None the less it did not spoil the day. Dean is very informative and we learnt a lot. Would highly recommend as he was always on hand if you needed him.”

Reviewed 14 March 2019, Theresa B, 5 star review 

 “ Tried the 1 day prospecting tour. Got picked up at Hannan Street by Dean. Was an option to rent detectors but we had our own (since we had plans to keep fossicking). Had a great time, even though we didn't find anything except led and iron. And we got a lot of information about how to set up the detectors and Tengraph/GeoView. Would recommend trying the tour even though you don't plan to start fossicking on your own, especially if you are from Europe like us. Just being out in the bush for a day was great.”

AlexQ1495OB, Stockholm, Sweden, 5 star review


Review about Super Pit tour from Gold Rush

“ Highly recommend anyone visits here. But do the proper super pit tour. Expensive but so well worth it!”

GlennmA930YB, 15 June 2019, 5 star review

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