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Mail Your Gold services in Australia

Have you got a jewellery box full of old unwanted pieces that no longer spark joy? Did you realise you can receive cash by selling these for a gold buyer – and it’s much easier than you thought!

Several companies in Australia offer Gold Buying Services, conducted through the mail.

With Christmas coming up, it’s a perfect time to dust off your old jewellery box and make some extra cash for the holiday season.  You don’t need to be overwhelmed, travelling into the city and making appointments for assessments. There is a convenient way for you to send in your gold, fully insured for assessment and receive a quote via email.

It’s the opposite of buying online and its pretty straightforward. First you request for a pack to be sent to your home address in a free prepared satchel. You post your gold back to them. They assess and weight the items, then email you a valuation. You can accept it and keep the cash. Or ask them to return the items, free of charge and no money changes hands.

It does not matter if the jewellery is incomplete or broken, you are selling it based on gold weight. If you have gemstones in the piece, then you may be wise to visit a jeweller first for a valuation – so you don’t miss out on additional cash and get full value of the piece.

Some businesses we suggest are:


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Cash for Gold:

You can host a gold party with friends and sell your gold, and earn a 10% commission on your friends gold sales. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details and locations.

Please note, they will not pay for any gems, stones, beading or diamonds.

Sell your gold Australia Wide

Sell your gold by post to the Perth Mint

Postage service is only for sellers outside of WA.