Metal Detecting Clubs

Metal Detecting Clubs

Metal detecting clubs have a solution for anyone with common questions or problems on metal detecting.

Problem: You don’t know how to get started in metal detecting.

By joining a club, you’ll learn what exactly you need to do to get started.

You’ll get metal detecting tips and advice from other members. If your club has a newsletter or online forum, you’ll always get tidbits of things you should know and updates on anything to do with metal detecting in your area.

There’s bound to be experienced metal detectorists who are members. They often times have amazing stories to share, along with advice to help you out.

You’ll also learn some rules and laws you should abide by to make sure you’re enjoying your hobby safely and legally.


Problem: People think you’re crazy or a little weird walking around trying to find buried treasure.


Metal detecting clubs are made up of metal detecting enthusiasts.

These people really enjoy this hobby. Making friends that seek treasures just as you do makes for a more enjoyable hobby.

Membership dues are usually affordable. Bringing the family or your own friends to join can sometimes ignite a lifetime interest and encourage them to join you on metal detecting hunts.


Problem: You don’t know where to go hunt for buried treasure.


There always organized metal detecting hunts to various places with possible treasures.

Organized hunts are a big part of a club. All the trips and planning is done for you (unless you decide to get involved).

For the most part, you’ll just bring your gear and start searching for treasure. With the clubs doing the prior research on these excursions, you know you’ll be hunting an area where someone is bound to dig up good metal detecting finds.


Problem: You don't have a permit or miner's right 

There are a number of clubs you can join and sometimes being a member of the club allows you to fossick under the club licence.

Save $20-30


 Problem: You don’t know what kind of metal detector works best.

 You’ll meet some metal detecting specialists that give you honest, straight-forward advice.

Oftentimes you can’t this kind of information from a salesperson. You’ll learn a lot from people who have tried lots of the gear out there.

If you want to learn more about metal detecting or want to master your skills, look to metal detecting clubs helping you out. 

The main focus of these clubs is to help bring people together who enjoy metal detecting. Be sure to make an effort to find these metal detecting clubs in your area if you want to fully enjoy this hobby.

Some of the most popular clubs in Australia include:

  • Australian MD and Relic Hunting Community
  • Brisbane MD Club
  • Detecting in Sydney
  • Gemological Association of Australia WA Division
  • Busselton Collectors Club
  • Coolgardie Gem and Mineral Club Inc.
  • Victorian Seekers Prospecting Club (Melbourne) 
  • West Coast Metal Detector Club

Have fun!