Metal detecting videos by women

Metal detecting videos by women

There are a number of women spending time recording metal detecting videos in the Uk and America. Here are a couple who are getting quite a following!

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Jocelyn Elizabeth 

Jocelyn Elizabeth runs a popular YouTube channel with 74K subscribers and social media channels for metal detecting enthusiasts called Relic Recoverist!

Jocelyn said: "I was hesitant to start metal detecting. I was twenty-six years old and far from your typical hobbyist. Most people envision a man in his sixties sweeping the beach for spare change.

"For the most part, the detecting community is helpful and inviting to newcomers. But once you're submersed into the hobby, you catch a glimpse of the uglier side. There's a lot of competition and the hobby can be cut-throat at times.

"It's especially rough being a woman - I feel like I have to prove myself even more, because everyone is so focused on what I'm wearing or what colour my hair is."


Diggin Britt 

One of the most successful detecting channels on YouTube belongs to Texas-based Diggin Britt, a light-hearted treasure hunter who boasts 98,000 subscribers and her own line of Diggin Britt merch.

Digger Dawn

Meanwhile, Digger Dawn, a detectorist who combs the English countryside in her vlogs, runs a channel with 13K subscribers, and is among hundreds of smaller - but growing - channels like NRCR Diggers, all run by female treasure hunters.

Elsewhere, regulars on detectorist blogs are starting to uncover more women talking about their finds, and offline you're more likely to bump into a woman combing a field for coins than ever before.

Harry Bain, the editor of Searcher magazine, estimates that at least 30,000 Brits are involved in the hobby, with an increasing number of women among them.

She said: "You’re seeing more and more women out in the field and the women are often better than the men – they are more meticulous.”