Is gold prospecting allowed during the covid-19 pandemic in Australia

Is Gold Prospecting Allowed During The Covid-19 Pandemic in Australia? 

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No, if you are travelling with a group onto someone else's land or public land, then it is a definite no. The bush cannot be considered to be safe. 

 Yes, if you are home, on your property / land, with people that live in your household.  Don't encourage visitors to come with you (even family living separately). 

Thoughts from Vo-Gus Prospecting 

"As a prospector, I understand your position, I live off gold if I don't prospect, my income drops dramatically.

But I also have people very close to me that have a serious chronic illness. So much so that this virus would have a far worse outcome if they caught it than I.

The idea is simple, don't go out where you risk interacting with other people.

Drive from home to the bush, you meet no one, you interact with no one. No risk yeah? Not entirely.

If you're local to your hunting grounds, then if you do break down, or get hurt or any other thing happens where you may need others assistance you could likely get your housemates or partner to come help.

But if your 3 hours away and need help now, it's more likely you'd contact say, an ambulance. Or a local tow company. This is the problem.

If by chance you or they are sick, in the first 14 days you won't know. And you'll end up spreading it to others.

Possibly to people who won't be able to handle it.

So exercise some thought, you may well be able to get out there and do everything safely. It's not your life your saving, it's people who don't have a choice in their health.

You have time to research spots, get fit to hike remote, learn new skills like camp craft, bond with your family, train your dog.


The gold had been there for a million years. It's been mined for 150 years continuously. It's not going anywhere.

Your time is something you can never get back!