Tips using Golden Tools in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Some tips using Golden Tools in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Tools are some of the most vital components of the Animal Crossing series; it is essentially how you get everything done within your town/village. They take a bit of time to unlock and craft but will last for more uses, making them worth the work.

The higher the quality, the less likely they will break and the longer they last.

You must meet a specific requirement first before you can receive the DIY recipe. We discuss what this is below. You also need to find a Gold Nugget, which is also a bit of a chore. You can also sell gold nuggets for 10,000 bells each!



Golden Axes

To obtain the Golden Axe recipe, you will need to break a total of 100 Axe Tools. The easiest way to do this is the use the Flimsy Axes, which cost 5 Tree Branches and 1 Stone. The branches can be easily obtained by shaking a tree.

Materials: 1 Gold Nugget, 1 Axe

Golden Bug Nut

To unlock the Golden Bug Net recipe, you must complete the bug section of the Critterpedia. This means catching all 80 bugs in the game!

Materials: 1 Gold Nugget, 1 Bug Net

Golden Fishing Rod

The Golden Fishing Rod recipe is unlocked when you catch and complete the fish section of the Critterpedia. You will need to catch all 80 fish in the game.

Materials: 1 Gold Nugget, 1 Fishing Rod

Golden Shovel

To unlock the Golden Shovel recipe, you must assist Gulliver 30 times. Gulliver will be washed up on shore at random, you will sometimes see him laying on the beach when you start up the game.

He will require your assistance in finding 5 Communicator Parts so that can he repair his Nook Phone. You will need to assist him 30 times to get the recipe.

Materials: 1 Gold Nugget, 1 Shovel

Golden Watering Can

The Golden Watering Can recipe requires that you reach a 5-star Island rating. To do so, build / construct every possible building, decorate them with items, flowers, trees, and outdoor furniture, and have villagers.

(This is later in the game once you've upgraded your Resident Services area.)

Once you've done that, you can talk to Isabelle and ask her to evaluate your island. She will then give you the recipe.

Materials: 1 Gold Nugget, 1 Watering Can

Golden Slingshot

Currently unconfirmed, the belief is that you must pop or shoot down Balloons to unlock the Golden Slingshot receipt. We have not done this. We think that you must complete the Nook Miles challenge.

Materials: 1 Gold Nugget, 1 Slingshot

How to farm Gold Nuggets

Once you have the recipes, you’ll need the standard version of the tool you want, plus a Gold Nugget. You can farm Gold Nuggets by hitting rocks, but they are rare.